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LED industry gradually warmer diversified development into a trend


2015 large-scale mergers and acquisitions, closures swept the entire LED industry, more than 4000 LED companies in the fierce competition in the market down, a time, winter theory enveloped the entire LED industry in 2015.
Zhang Xiaofei said that last year, the entire LED industry homogenization serious, intense price war, industry polarization intensified, leading to the emergence of the LED industry mergers and acquisitions tide as well as severe reshuffle.
"Led enterprises M & A integration repeatedly and enterprises listed, for mergers and acquisitions (M & A), the size of funds from at least tens of millions of dollars, hundreds of millions of yuan to tens of billions of yuan range." Senior researcher at the investment adviser He Zaihua told reporters.
According to statistics, as of November 2015, China's LED industry mergers and acquisitions amounted to 40 billion 800 million yuan, 53 cases of mergers and acquisitions, compared to the total amount of 6 billion yuan in 2014, an increase of 580%. Among them, 39 cases of mergers and acquisitions over 100 million yuan, accounting for 73.6%. In addition, the entire LED in 2015 the number of enterprises to reduce more than 4000, the number of enterprises in 2014 as many as 2.
However, the industry believes that, after experiencing the baptism of 2015, LED industry in 2016 will usher in the advantage of the industry in the spring.
Founder Securities latest research report pointed out, LED industry has a long industrial chain, including upstream epitaxial film growth, middle reaches of the chip manufacturing, downstream chip packages and applications, is expected to 2015 - 2017, LED market scale compound annual growth rate will be maintained at more than 30%, to 2017 China LED market scale will reach 748.5 billion yuan, market potential is huge.
At present, there are too many small and medium enterprises in the LED industry, industry concentration is not enough, the industry resource dispersion, eliminate excess, backward production capacity, industry transformation and upgrading is imperative. It is worth noting that, in the LED industry to further adjust the situation, the advantages of resources will be further concentrated to the industry leader, the industry will gradually show a big rival situation.
"With the development and maturation of small spacing, small spacing LED products will enter a more broad application in indoor market, enterprises will have a broader space for development, at the same time with small spacing LED production capacity growth, its products will be further enhanced, product prices will also decline, more easily accepted by consumers." He Zaihua told this reporter that.
Currently, the display market has been very mature, the competition is more intense, in the case of the decline in the growth rate of the traditional business, small spacing LED production capacity continues to grow as the biggest bright spot.
It is understood that the outbreak of small pitch LED products, let Riyadh, Zhou Ming technology, alto electronics and LianJian photoelectric A-share listed companies to increase performance. Lyad 2015 annual report shows that the company's LED small spacing performance of the beautiful, LED small spacing to achieve rapid growth (three years compound growth of more than 70%), LED small spacing of the global market share of over 50%.
Zheshang securities latest research report that, liard since 2012 officially launched small pitch LED products, with the industry explosive growth, its performance has been doubled, in 2015 to achieve the order of 11.6 billion, an increase of 73%. Based on the LED small spacing for DLP technology to suppress the advantages of high-end splicing market will gradually occupy a small spacing, while LED small spacing will be the fastest growing LED downstream applications industry is the most determined by the fine molecular industry.
The industry said that the dead with the decline in beads and other raw materials and technology progress the dead small pitch products in the commercial market penetration will gradually increase from the industry trend.

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