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Graphene industry development is still part of the link to be perfect


On Sunday, March 20th, just from the NPC and CPPCC National People's Congress on behalf of Tang Yilin, once again came to the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, to participate in a news conference.
Before the meeting, he said in an interview with this reporter, whether it is the core technology research, or the development of the industry, is not a two companies can be completed alone. "The relevant government departments should take up this responsibility, the global competitiveness of the potential of the industry really do strong, big!"
The first is the standard system.
Industrial upgrading, the standard must first. Earlier, industry experts have pointed out that some of China's export products quality to be higher than the domestic sales of the product quality, and not because the production technology does not pass, but because the two types of products may have come from the same manufacturers, the core is applicable to product sales is not the same as the standard.
At present, our country already has a complete industrial system and a large number of basic technical reserves, talent pool, but the standard is a guide, a lever, the standard level of resources to determine the efficiency of the level of integration. In this regard, Tang Yilin proposed that China should further improve the standard system, the formation of graphene industry innovation center, strengthen public service.
Pay close attention to the development of graphene materials classification, terminology, methods and other national standards, as well as graphene product standards or industry standards, to improve the standard system of graphene." Tang Yilin said that the market has been on the graphene products, but what is the graphene products, in fact, there is no conclusive. "Don't do it like that stir nanotechnology, finally even consumers really don't believe nanotechnology!"

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