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LED lighting application to agriculture


March 23, sponsored by the national semiconductor lighting engineering research and Industry Alliance, the third generation semiconductor technology industry innovation strategic alliance, Beijing McCann bridge new materials Productivity Promoting Center Co., Ltd., Beijing China United peoples semiconductor science and Technology Co., Ltd., jointly sponsored "led and modern agricultural technology development salon in Beijing and Chinese Academy of Sciences, semiconductor research institute academic report hall was held. Many experts gathered in the hopes that through this salon and full research on the downstream cooperation demand and the technical and economic feasibility, jointly promote cross-border integrated solutions and demonstrate the application of.
2016 is the "13th Five-Year plan" at the beginning of the year, LED as a strategic emerging industry will carry a lot of attention. This industry will continue to 2015 years of growth, LED lighting will be by alternative to on-demand lighting and beyond lighting forward, in intelligent lighting, lighting plant, health care and other segments has great value in the market. "45" national key R & D plan key special have been facing health care and agriculture system integration technology and application demonstration "listed as an important content.
At the meeting, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the agricultural environment and Sustainable Development Research Institute researcher Yang Qichang share the "progress in the application of modern agriculture semiconductor light source" theme report. He pointed out that almost all areas of modern agriculture and artificial light has a close relationship! Especially in planting (horticultural facilities, urban agriculture, etc.), livestock and poultry breeding facility farming), aquaculture, aquaculture facilities, luring fish, etc.), planting industry (open field production, plant protection for trapping insects, etc.) and other edible bacteria, microalgae, etc.) the urgent need for artificial light.
For comparison of the traditional artificial light and LED light source, Qi Chang Yang said that the traditional artificial light Confucianism high-pressure sodium lamp, fluorescent lamp, high energy consumption, low luminous efficiency; poor controllability, light quality and intensity of difficult to control. And the gap between the spectrum and the plant photosynthetic demand is great. Based on the high efficiency and energy saving light source, which is based on the 400~500nm blue light and 700nm 600~ red area of the plant, it is always the goal of the plant lighting. And LED artificial light source, monochromatic light can be combined, energy saving, cold light source, good controllability, long life, obvious advantages, to provide a chance for the application of modern agriculture.
According to statistics, only LED plant growth lights in the world only in 2017 is expected to be around $300 million market. Planting lamp led China agriculture market is currently protected horticulture area of 6000 acres, of which about 4500 acres to fill light source 2000-2500 million yuan of above; plant (plant) plant 100 million square meters, plant tissue culture of 20 million square meters, edible fungi, algae and other lighting demand in 5 billion or more; facilities for livestock and aquaculture needs 40 million above; plant protection luring, according to the study, each lamp luring area in the range of 15 to 20 acres, China 18 million mu of cultivated land (including garden 14.81 million hectares, forest 25395 million hectares, grassland available 2.8731 million hectares), and a trap lamp needs 9000 million to; urban agriculture (vertical farms, farming community, family). Overall estimate, the total size of the LED agricultural market valuation of the total size of more than 4000-4500 billion.

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