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What LED pole display occupy the outdoor advertising market?


1, LED street lamp pole screen with a small broad, multi point put
Due to the popularity of LED large screen in the outdoor advertising media, the quality of the installation location of the screen is becoming a scarce resource for outdoor advertising. In addition, LED large screen caused by light pollution and other adverse factors on the negative impact of urban management, LED large screen outdoor installation location of the approval process is becoming increasingly complex and difficult. In recent years, the global economic malaise brought negative effects on in addition to the landmark digital media other digital media impact is larger, in 2014 LED advertising screen advertising delivery generally decline. Prompted by this background factors, restricting the development of outdoor media video becomes more and more prominent, the needs of small area outdoor lamppost LED display is gradually becoming prominent.
2, compared with the traditional light box advertising, video playback.
Appearance of outdoor LED screen is to replace the main pole, pole light box advertising market. And the current market advertising light boxes, double emission advertising, up to two advertising emissions, and customer groups for a few months to change, placed ads limited number, and display of the pole of the LED can unrestricted advertisement discharge, and screen of the pole of the LED can be also placed dozens of advertising, the utilization of such poles advertising rate corresponding increased.
On the other hand, in the visual impact, advertising lamp box advertisement, and display of the pole of the LED can display dynamic video advertising, from the delivery form also more attractive. In comparison, the dynamic ads have a story, whether there is no one in the view, as long as the broadcast out, there will always be people concerned. And static advertising is a picture, a word or two often cannot well expression to elaborate the meaning, have less such to be able to attract the eye, especially where the road this rush of audience glimpse, and pass on. May all haven't enough time to pay attention to advertising the existence of. Therefore, in contrast, obviously outdoor lamppost LED display advantage.
3, the national road traffic planning, market prospects can be expected in the future
Statistics show that as of the end of 2014, the total mileage of the country to reach the total mileage of up to. And with the accelerated pace of urbanization, can be expected in the next few years to narrow the gap between urban and rural areas, urban development in rural areas, China's road traffic planning and investment is bound to increase. The upcoming 2016, means that China's "13th Five-Year" planning to enter a new period of practice. According to reports, the manufacturing upgrading, information economy, modern service industry is expected to be 45 industrial planning dimensions of the three main line. National attention to the manufacturing industry show that the prospect of new product of infinite screen LED pole.
According to the traffic trunk line every 50 meters there is a pole to count, nearly 5 million kilometers of highway in our country there are 100 million poles. And the application of outdoor road lamp pole LED display has not yet reached the 10% of all street lamps, if the before all the light box advertisement replaced with LED lamp post screen, plus new road street location, then the screen of the pole of the LED market prospect is considerable. LED lamp display as a new thing, the initial stage need step by step to explore and find a more broad development opportunities in the exploration. Whether it is their own advantages or national road transport planning to provide unlimited market space that led lamp post screen can get more advertisers favor!

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