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Industrial 4 times, LED display industry how to deal with?


Since twenty-first Century, the manufacturing industry is facing the opportunities and challenges brought by the adjustment of the global industrial structure. Industry 4 is the beginning of a new technological revolution, based on the CPS (physical information network) intelligent factory has greatly reduced the dependence on labor, enhance the production of personalized and overall production efficiency. Simply say, "Internet plus manufacturing industry is 4. In March 2015 the two sessions of the country, China has also launched a combination of boxing". The government work report will be the implementation of the "2025 Chinese manufacturing" strategy and "Internet plus" action plan.
4 industrial era, industrial reform also like tide swept, and the LED display and how to deal with it?
Production technology: from innovation to reduce the cost
Since the China manufacturing transformation focus upgrade is how to reduce the cost, how to reduce the rate of non-performing products, but not the eyes focus on the market demand and technical innovation.
To upgrade, not by means of information to further reduce costs, reduce the reject rate; but through innovation, play a leading role in the global manufacturing industry division of labor, not only in foundry production. Therefore, the 2025 "of China's manufacturing was put forward. Put innovation in the core position of the overall development of the manufacturing industry, improve system environment conducive to innovation, promotes the interdisciplinary cross industry collaborative innovation, breakthroughs in a number of key areas of the key common technology, and promote the manufacturing industry in the digital network, intelligent, innovation driven development path.
The China manufacturing 2025 "overall train of thought is, in order to promote the innovation and development of the manufacturing industry as the theme, to enhance quality and efficiency as the center, to accelerate the fusion of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing depth as the main line, to propulsion intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, to meet the needs of economic and social development and national defense construction of major technical equipment as the goal, to strengthen the industrial base capability, improve the comprehensive level of integration, improve multi-level multi types of talents training system, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry, foster manufacturing culture with Chinese characteristics, the manufacturing industry by the larger strong history spanning.
As a new generation of information technology in the manufacturing sector of popularization and application of, factory workshop in more and more powerful smart devices to wirelessly realized and the interconnection between Internet or devices, which derived from the networking, Internet services, promote the physical world and information world cyber physical system (CPS) integration. Through the interconnection, cloud computing, data these new generation of information technology, and previous information technology, automation technology and combining together, factory production equipment and equipment, and equipment between the vertical integration, thus the internal connection of the whole plant, information on the physical system, coordination, and echo from afar. Thus, the mode of production from the factor driven into information driven by traditional energy conversion tool for the driving force of the industrial economic model will be completely changed.
And when it comes to LED display of innovation, at present, the overall direction of technological innovation led display used in industry mainly concentrated in large screen intelligent control, high density display new products development, specific LED display applications engineering design, LED display application development products and product reliability, energy, and other aspects.

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